Sofram Mediterranean Cuisine, originally known as Sofra Grill, first opened its doors back in 2006. Sofram continues to embrace the amalgamation of many nations’ traditions within the Middle East fare. We continue to serve you fresh ingredients and exotic spices cooked over the grill to create, flavourful interpretations of many ancient Mediterranean dishes. Sofram, which translates to “my table”, offers a variety of Mediterranean dishes ranging from Hummus, Shawarma, Falafel, and much more. The restaurant has grown to become a location for individuals to have comfort food within the company of their friends and families.


Ottoman Turkish: sofra, Albanian: sofer, Persian: sofre, Arabic: sufra. This term is pronounced and spelled differently amongst different languages but it is derived from the Middle East and shares the same meaning. Traditionally, when meals were to be served, servants were expected to bring large round trays made of tin-plated copper, some engraved with elaborate motifs, placing them in small folding supports. Sofram inspired by the culinary tapestry of neighboring regions, strives to reflect on historical roots, its name believed to be a unique interpretation of Mediterranean cuisine.

We have grown to become a family with each of our valued customers and our team has found it to be a pleasure to serve you. Such feelings of connectedness with our customers and providing an “at home” experience prompted us to make a recent change to our restaurant’s name. Sofra will now be known as Sofram, our hope is to highlight our belief that our restaurant feels like it’s yours. Sofram translates to “my sofra” in Turkish. Nonetheless, our locations remain and continue to strive to be a space open for individuals to gather and feast on bountiful meals with friends and families while feeling as if they were at home.

Whether it is for family get-togethers, special occasions or simply a treat, look no further than Sofram. Allow us to help prepare for your events in advance by calling to reserve a table within the restaurant or speak with members of our team to plan your next take-out meal. We offer both in house and outdoor catering services as per your request. Our aim is to always be welcoming all our customers by exceeding the highest of expectations.